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Disease does not own me.
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Hi :) I'm Rosie.

I'm studying Honours in psychology at university and working part time as a mental health support worker. I'm passionate mental health advocate, and want to dedicate my life to helping to support and understand others living with mental illness. I live with Type I bipolar disorder and psychosis in Australia. I love writing and reading poetry, and reading biographies and memoirs. I also love writing music and performing, photography and photo manipulation.

I'm the lyricist/singer for a band. We're called Outward Eyes. Look us up on facebook! [link] :heart:

My heroes are Anne Deveson, Kay Redfield Jamison, Elyn Saks, and Carl Sagan. I admire their courage, passion, resilience, and writing. I believe that resilience, as well as compassion, empathy, emotional intuition, courage and drive are the best qualities a person can have.

I'm a street art enthusiast, I'm not a grafitti artist, but I love street art and love photographing it. I very much love derelict and decaying buildings and urban exploration.

I like records, horror and occult fiction, poetry, sushi, A Perfect Circle, Placebo, David Bowie, gloomy bear, antiques, particularly Victorian, clown dolls, and foreign or silent films.

Life Update!

Sat Mar 22, 2014, 2:48 AM

It's been forever since I've posted an update. I've also been ridiculously inactive, but here goes:
I'm at uni studying honours right now - which is already taking up so much time! I've also moved house (again); hopefully for the last time for at least a year. I've lived at five houses in two and a half years haha. And while I'm getting very skilled at moving, I'm very tired of it.
I'm excited to be starting work on my thesis. My supervisor is awesome; super understanding about my ups and downs, and how episodes may come into play and affect my thesis. Although I'm probably more stable than I ever have been, it's still not a smooth ride, and it's great to have no judgment and someone willing to checkup with me . There are so many interesting topics going on in my cohort! Some amazing research concepts and designs.

Already this year has been fairly drama-filled; I had a brief cancer scare from a small, rare tumour that seemed to have occured from mutated cells originating from tendon damage, and was threaded through bone. After surgery to determine everything, it was thankfully benign, and is unlikely to ever come back. Going into surgery, my MRIs were inconclusive; and my surgeon told me that it was either a rare, relatively harmless benign tumour, or a super-rare kind of malignant tumour, with chemotherapy to likely follow, and they couldn't see 'which'. It was more than a little disturbing to have him continuously pat me as if implying that it was the latter, and say "come what may" again and again. And things like "well at least it isn't going through bone... oh wait, it is. It's so rare to see one like this. Well at least..." And a bunch of family members worried and upset and sending messages of comfort that created more anxiety :O. I wasn't keen on going under general anaesthetic. But all appears well. Funnily enough; they let me keep the oxygen mask! No hospital has ever let me keep one (not that I've ever asked), but they said I could keep it which was funny. I'm now (thankfully) off morphine (post-surgery) which was wiping me out so much I could barely think, let alone study, and stitches removed. There was a fair amount of pain afterwards; where they'd dissected around tendons and nerves and bone :O I have a fairly high pain threshold, but I can't say I didn't cry the first few days when healing was far away and I could feel exactly which nerves had been handled =P (it felt like there were flames in and outside my body) So getting back into a more normal pattern, and already swamped with uni work.
Our internet was disconnected by Optus because a virus infiltrated our system and was using it against us. All is fixed now, though, thankfully.  I have no social life to speak of; except to people online lately! And not being able to research was extremely stressful.
This weekend means some socialising, though, thankfully, and after that; my sister is organising a birthday celebration for us. We're turning 23 :faint: I've never been keen on birthday celebrations, but this one sounds okay.
Hope everyone is well! If you have tumblrs, feel free to post links so I might have more lovely art to look at :)





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TheKrimzonDemon Apr 8, 2014  Professional Writer
Happy birthday to you and your twin. :) :heart:
waiting-for-wings Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!!!
280077s Apr 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday, beautiful. ♥
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