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Disease does not own me.
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Sorry for the long absence, I've been in hospital again, but I just got discharged. I hope to be more active again. I hope everyone is having wonderful holidays and had an excellently spooky Halloween :tighthug:
The slender everyman whispers sweet nothings and hollow
lies into the whirls of her ear - drum
promises of thinner air to wishbone ribs,
to house effortless birds, snapping shut -
grinding steel trap doors shut in the night
locked safe under the weight of sounds of silence
and layers upon layers of secrets built over years (scurrying from light).
Sleeping bound; worlds crushing mattresses as soft as
pillows alone, but stacked: heavy enough to hush bone
and draw blood as deep as a wine bruise the colour
of a stone on a bed,
sleeping with silver fish and mermaids at
the bottom of the ocean under the moon.
Carrying the weight of dust motes and skeletons
and love,
the grams of secrets and the weight of a soul.
Words left unsaid, unbound, unloosened control.
Magic awakened in beautiful you.
Held and unfurled, clasped in hands pressed and
ink-stained to show palms lined with pain lived once
and once again.
Penny farthings - tarnished with love-touched burnt umber.
These are the most beautiful things; always a little
frightening and never quite whole.
One little girl's heart flutters;
stumbles across a tiny coin on a dark, unpaved road
to whisper wishes and hopes to.
Puts in her her pocket, and
doesn't let go.
Breaking Spells With Magic Coins
I wrote this poem for a fellow patient in hospital with me, whom fights anorexia nervosa. I gave her the nickname "Penny Farthing" because of how gentle she is and how you can tell her anything, and told her the story of how when I was a little girl, I found a penny on a dark dirt road, and thought it was lucky, and used to wish on it. She's a wonderful friend, who I really treasure, she has incredible strength. I ended up giving her this poem.
The scar of an unformed heart imprinted on the inside of her womb
like a tattoo
scattered beats fingernailing tallys underneath the bone cage of her jailer ribs
as handcuffs police chopstick wrists to her kidneys, the weight of stone
boulders dragged to the floor of her pelvis.
cells aren't baby f(o)eet(us).

& they're forcing her into shackles -
so she's bleeding iron as red as the rust
that manacles her ankles when she menstruates.
Society would preach ownership of her calendar
so many mouths, so many tongues, so many palms, so many preachers trespassing
their beliefs and psalms onto her body
beating the truncheons of their business over the curves of her hips and the
gentle slide of a perfect, angelic

Decisions, decisions
every which way
with no breadcrumbs left to follow, as they restrict her from
Voices loud above
these cells
so many cells forming cords
umbilical discord
choking a would-be mother to death with pro-life promises
while she tries
to save


Hi :) I'm Rosie.

I'm studying Honours in psychology at university and working part time as a mental health support worker. I'm passionate mental health advocate, and want to dedicate my life to helping to support and understand others living with mental illness. I live with Type I bipolar disorder and psychosis in Australia. I love writing and reading poetry, and reading biographies and memoirs. I also love writing music and performing, photography and photo manipulation.

I'm the lyricist/singer for a band. We're called Outward Eyes. Look us up on facebook! [link] :heart:

My heroes are Anne Deveson, Kay Redfield Jamison, Elyn Saks, and Carl Sagan. I admire their courage, passion, resilience, and writing. I believe that resilience, as well as compassion, empathy, emotional intuition, courage and drive are the best qualities a person can have.

I'm a street art enthusiast, I'm not a grafitti artist, but I love street art and love photographing it. I very much love derelict and decaying buildings and urban exploration.

I like records, horror and occult fiction, poetry, sushi, A Perfect Circle, Placebo, David Bowie, gloomy bear, antiques, particularly Victorian, clown dolls, and foreign or silent films.
Sorry for the long absence, I've been in hospital again, but I just got discharged. I hope to be more active again. I hope everyone is having wonderful holidays and had an excellently spooky Halloween :tighthug:

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